Diamond Alexis

Senior Editor | Digital Marketing Strategist  

Who is Diamond Alexis?

Diamond Alexis is an award-winning content creator and social media marketing professional practicing in the music and entertainment industry.

She currently serves as a Senior News Editor at Complex Networks across editorial new verticals including Life, Sports, Style, and Music. In her former role at ViacomCBS as's Music Editor, Diamond has worked with music and entertainment artists in both production and editorial capacities while ideating fresh video/ digital media content. 

Most notably, she is credited as the creator and co-producer of BET Hip-Hop Awards' Chain Of Command and was also awarded Chartbeat's 2017 100 Most Engaging Stories honor

In her current digital marketing expertise, Diamond has also mastered roles centering creative content and strategy while servicing brands such as Spotify, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Showtime, and more. Within her public relations experience, she has also worked with Warner Bros. Music and the NFL (Washington Redskins). 

Diamond is now seeking to expand her expertise with more digital and social media marketing opportunities in addition to editorial and public relations roles.

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Yo Gotti Recalls Selling Crack To His Friend's Mother

He addresses it on a new track, "2809.".

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